Finally pics of my new loves!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I LOVE them both:heart: :yahoo:
    Sorry for too many pics, I'm too excited!!!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. WOW, gorgeous!!!!

    Congrats on your new loves! :yes:
  4. BOTH are TDF!!! Congrats. They look fabulous on you
  5. OMG, those are two freakin' PERFECT Chanel bags that you rock!! I love them both sooo much. You are making me want the CoCo! Congrats and ENJOY!!
  6. Fabulous bags!! They look great on you!!
  7. I never was a bowler fan until I saw your pics! Also, seeing your Coco makes me want mine so bad now. Congrats! :yahoo:
  8. Those are both absolutely gorgeous! Man, this is a dangerous thread... Enjoy!
  9. Congratulations!:yahoo:

    The Bronze is so pretty.:yes:
  10. GORGEOUS! Totally TDF, I'm lovin' your large tote, it looks fabulous on, and that luxe bowler, :love: *GASPS*
    Thanks for posting, and Congrats!
  11. :nuts: i want that black shoulder bag! :nuts: 0o0o0o0 so beautiful! thanks so much for sharing pics with us! :love:
  12. They look great on you. Coco cabas is such a gorgeous bag...Enjoy......:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Looks amazing on you! Congrats!
  14. Thank you all for kind comments!!! I absolutely LOVE them both and also LOVE my sweet SA who got me these bags real quick! I'm eyeing on Modern Chain in Red/White(I guess I'll decide which after I see Coco Cabas in White)
  15. You know, I didn't like the color when I first saw this bag inside of NM, but after I took it ouside and saw it under natural light, it's soooo pretty and different, yet versatile. I love it!:love:
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