Finally! Pics of my HG Luxe Bowler!!!!!

  1. Apologies for the long wait ladies! I tried to post pics last night but somehow didn't manage to do so!

    Thank you for all your kind comments.... Presenting my almost HG Chanel bag, the medium Luxury Bowler!!!! I think I have to say after the reissue, this is my next absolute favourite Chanel bag and I am soooo glad I managed to find her!

    About the colour, I think most of you are right, she's probably the dark silver. But oddly enough, she looks quite dark gold under certain lighting, esp see the pics with flash. Enjoy! Will try to post modelling pics later, have to run for my hair appt now!:p
    Luxe bowler 1.jpg Luxe bowler 2.jpg Luxe bowler bck.jpg
  2. Congrats! What a beautiful bag!!
  3. Love it! Hope you were running out with the bag in tow!
  4. Ohhhhhhh it's beautiful! Oh no, I want one again! I thought I had gotten over the luxe bowlers... :biggrin: Enjoy your new beautiful bag and congrats on getting married!
  5. HG indeed. I love my favorite taco shape, so adorable! Congrats on finally getting your dream bag :biggrin:
  6. It looks so delicious!
  7. :drool: Gorgeous! I'm so happy for you that you found her! I'm still on a quest for my luxe flap and after seeing your bowler I have renewed hope and desire!
  8. Gorgeous! I've always loved this bag.
  9. congrats! I have the metallic black, and I love the bowler style!
  10. Congrats!!! It's a beautiful where can I get my hands on one? [hehehe]
  11. congrats, awesome bag. Great find!
  12. Jealous of the bag..My ultimate bag is also the luxury bowler :smile: but couldn't find one yet :sad:
    How much did you get it for?
  13. Congrats! where did you find her???, the color is just gorgeous!:tup:
  14. orig.posted by shiny_hair:
    Congrats it's gorgeous!:nuts: so glad for being able to get one!:yes:
  15. Congrats on finding yr HG!!! She's such a beauty and absolutely stunning.