Finally: Pics of My First BV Bags!!!

  1. Dear all, after hanging around here on BV forum for quite some time and drooling over so many beautiful BV bags, finally I made my first purchases of BV bags after being in love with the brand for several years...Please allow me to present my Magnolia Montaigne bag and Carmino Veneta (it's a pity that my camera can't capture their true colors, hopefully it hasn't destroyed their true beauty)::dothewave:
    DSC01845.JPG DSC01846.JPG DSC01855.JPG DSC01863.JPG
  2. oh how delicious-the magnolia is such a darling. i finally saw the carmino yesterday at NM but it was already on hold. beautiful bags! congratz! i am sure there will be more BV to come for you! enjoy them!
  3. What a start to your BV collection, such gorgeous pieces and colours. Congrats, enjoy!
  4. Action pics would be great!
  5. Gemibabe, you have great taste! Congratulations! Your new bags are gorgeous. I was able to visit the BV store in San Francisco the other day and had a second look at Carmine/Carmino. I've had a change of heart. This time I didn't see any orange tones--it's a true lipstick red. GORGEOUS! Very tempting...
  6. Wow, what a start!
  7. Great bags! Congrats! :yahoo:

    I particularly love the Carmine Veneta :heart:
  8. Lovely pieces, congrats!
  9. beautiful bags enjoy! :heart:
  10. what a gorgeous pair ~ congratulations!!!
  11. congrats!
  12. OMGGGG... i'm so jealous!! LOL!!! thats like a dream come true wooooo beautiful bags!
  13. :drool:...sorry, had to pick my jaw up off the floor after seeing your pics! What a great start to your BV collection! Magnolia is my favorite color, although I'm coveting anything carmine right now. All you ladies with red venetas are making me drool big time!
  14. Wow, now that`s what I call a great start for building up a nice collection of BV! Congrats, gemibebe!
  15. love your choices gemibebe...can't wait to get my first bag!