Finally! Pics of my Emerald Blake !

  1. This was the one I posted that the good Lord made me find in Bloomies one day. I thought I'd share with you guys. Sorry for the LONG wait! I haven't worn her - wondering if I should bring her out in the summer or fall?
    Thanks !
    IMG_3617 (Small).JPG IMG_3618 (Small).JPG IMG_3425 (Small).JPG
  2. What a beautiful bag! I'm jealous! If I had that bag, I'd definitely carry it now. Let the world see what great taste you have!
  3. Carry it now! That is a bag that can be carried in all seasons!
  4. Beautiful! definitely looks good year round :smile:
  5. very pretty bag! wear her already!! :o)
  6. sooo pretty i want a blake even more! :smile:
  7. It's cute!!!
  8. Beautiful bag! Definitely enjoy it!!:yahoo:
  9. Bring her out now! Spring=green! I am sooo feening for a dark green bag now. Thanks for sharing! You got that bag at a wonderful price.
  10. Very cute-congrats
  11. Wear her now! She'll match all the blooming trees and green grass! She's TDF!
  12. Cut that tag off and wear your beautiful new bag now:yes: Congratulations
  13. Gorgeous!!! It looks like the same color as my zip clutch which I adore!!

    I agree with everyone else...starting using her NOW!:yes: :yahoo:
  14. :yahoo: YES!!! Where her NOW!!!! Lovely bag...seriously beautiful!!! Congrats!!
  15. Take her for a walk, she's sooo lovely.