of my Chloes!

  1. Hi all! Just wanted to show off my starter collection, now that I figured how to upload pics that will fit. :rolleyes: I'm having a little tiny bit of trouble loving the Choco color quite as much as the Tan (I really wanted the Paddy in Whiskey), but I'm thinking it'll grow on me! Let me know what you think! :girlsigh:
    chloe1.JPG chloe2.JPG chloe3.JPG chloelocke.JPG bothchloes.jpg
  2. I think your collection is fabulous! And the choco will grow on you especially in teh Fall. Chocolate is going to be the hottest color- so you will fall in love with it all over again! Enjoy! They are gorgeous!
  3. i looovee your choco !!
  4. Gorgeous bags - I love your chocolate and of course I am a huge fan of the paddy hobo.
  5. Thanks guys...I appreciate the kind words. I'm still going to keep my eye open for a Whiskey Paddy though. I bought both of these off of eBay from reputable surely I can find one more! :yes:
  6. Your bags are beautiful! I really like your choco! I'm sure it will grow on you:smile:
  7. Beautiful Chloes! Such yummy colours too..
  8. Here's a couple more pics of the group....I felt bad not including my first "baby"....he was feeling left out! :lol:
    thegirls.JPG thegirls2.JPG
  9. Any of you LV owners have suggestions on how to get rid of that noticeable crease on the front of my Speedy? It was in the closet in its dust bag unused for a year and apparently something was lying up against it. I keep it stuffed when not in use now, but it's still visible. I'm glad the Chloe's don't crease like that! :sad:
  10. The tan is GORGEOUS!!

    I think the crease in the Speedy will eventually work itself out with use.
  11. Beautiful Paddy's! I think your choco is gorgeous and I love the color of your tan hobo too. Two very classic neutral colors you can wear with so much. Nice 'family'!
  12. Fabulous collection. Just beautiful. Love the Choco too.
  13. i love your bags i love the color of the choco and that hobo is adorable !
  14. Absolutely gorgeous collection :cutesy:

    I think the chocolate and the tan are a perfect combination :heart:

    Chocolate is supposed to be really HOT this fall/winter season.
    You'll be very glad you have it :yes:
  15. Looks great Deb! My initial reaction upon receiving the chocolate was the same as yours, but I found it looked great either dressed up or down. My favorite way to wear it in the winter was with jeans, a sweater and cowboy boots.