Finally! Pics of my Balenciaga collection

  1. [​IMG]

    As you can see, the day is my favorite bbag style! Colors from top to bottom, left to right are magenta, ink, rouge theatre, chocolate, black, and bordeaux. With a little vert gazon coin purse on top.
  2. So cute! :yes:
  3. what a pretty Day collection you have, circoit!!
  4. great collections!!
  5. amazing & great choice :smile:
  6. Love the Magenta :drool:
  7. Beautiful day collection, circoit! :love:
  8. Love those colors!!
  9. Nice collection! I'm seriously drooling over your Bordeaux!
  10. such lovely days, circoit!!! love the chocolate!
  11. Beautiful collection!
  12. what a beautiful days!!! ur vert gazon mini purse is a cutie :love:
  13. Love your days!!!
  14. They all look sooooo soft!
  15. Omg... I love your rouge theatre and bordeaux Days!! :wtf::wtf::wtf::love: