** FINALLY ** Pics of Emmy's Chic bag!!

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  1. OK....I got the MJ Chic bag like 10 days ago!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the reason why I haven't been on the pf hardly at ALL lately (going through withdrawal w/o a doubt lol!!)....Every year I take a few days off of work to bake tons & tons & TONS of cookies to package up and deliver to our vendors for Christmas....I started this years ago & can't get out of it b/c they all look forward to it...It's a ton of work but you have to give back.....Ok..uploading pics of the Chic bag :flowers:
    COOKIES MJ 07 005.jpg COOKIES MJ 07 006.jpg COOKIES MJ 07 007.jpg
  2. OK..here are the pics...LOVE this bag..very light-wieght despite the chain....The leather is sooooo soft....I love it...What do you guys think?
    COOKIES MJ 07 023.jpg COOKIES MJ 07 024.jpg COOKIES MJ 07 025.jpg
  3. OK..and here are some modeling pics....
    COOKIES MJ 07 018.jpg COOKIES MJ 07 012.jpg COOKIES MJ 07 019.jpg
  4. ...and remember I have the matching zc & coin purse to match..YEAH!!!
    COOKIES MJ 07 002.jpg
  5. OK, first off, those cookies look hella good!! YUMMY! Your vendors are lucky recipients!! :yes:

    Love the Chic bag EMMY!!! I think the size and length is perfect. It looks amazing on you. I really like the long shape. It elongates you and makes you look taller! :tup: Congrats again!!!
  6. Your bag is gorgeous, but frankly I am more interested in the cookies. :p They look soooooo good! I want some, wish I was one of your vendors! :drool:
  7. Congrats Emmy!!! It looks amazing on you. How does it work as a cross-body? btw, the combination of my anxiety over studying for this exam and the pictures of your delicious looking cookies is sending me on a trip to the pantry... right about now.
  8. Frances you go to that pantry girl and get some cookies!! I have to tell you--I'm NOT bragging by any means..but I really am a good baker...and they really are good...Some of our vendors actually CALL to see when the cookies are coming b/c they don't want to take a day off & miss them...Can you believe?!?!? The Chic bag is GREAT cross body..that was important b/c I like having that option..especially when shopping lol!!

    ** Thanx ** for the compliments ladies!!!!
  9. The bag looks good on you! Those cookies look good too....
  10. oh emmy, those cookies have me drooling over here! i'm a big sweets fan! heehee...:p

    that chic bag looks great on you! :yes:

    btw, what industry do you work in? usually we have vendors delivering goodies to us, and not the other way around. heehee...i work in health care.
  11. OMG! Those cookies are amazing!! Am I getting any this year?? LOL... :heart:

    I saw the Chic tonight at Barney's and thought how perfect it would be for you. Congrats!! I love your MJ family.
  12. Cookies look devine and oh! the bag is great too!
  13. I love it because it is so different.
  14. thundercloud: I work for the water utility in central NY...but DH has a body shop business....so we give gifts to the companies that keep us in business....we do a lot of fleet work for some local/national companies...mostly painting/repairing big equipment...but we do insurance work as well...I do accounting during the day and then come home and do the same thing :push:....I do all the paperwork for DH...which reminds me I have to call OUR accountant today lol!!!! thanx for the compliments!!!!
  15. Looks very chic! Love it.