Finally pics! My WASHED ROSE SOPHIA has arrived!!

  1. I'm using her everyday right now and I love the color.
    I NEVER get sick of Marc Jacobs - it's a bag I can always be in the mood for.
    I also have the Indigo which I have not worn yet - but I can't to wear it.
    I decided to keep my MJ Black large multipocket - for now - it is black & classic - however, the only real problem i have with the bag is the white contrast stitching. But you know what? It's authentic and and this is the MJ stitch...I think I will keep it..:yes: But for now, the washed rose...
    IMG_2989 (Small).JPG IMG_2991 (Small).JPG
  2. She is *beautiful.* Absolutely love it! Congratulations.
  3. Congrats! Gorgeous bag! I really love the color. Enjoy!
  4. congrats! enjoy her!

    hey you know the black blake MP is such a classic. i actually like the contrast stitching vs some of the black on black bags i've seen. it's so marc jacobs =)
  5. Washed Rose is such a beautiful and versatile color. Congratulations!!
  6. I adore this color, wear her in good health!
  7. its such a great color..congrats!!!
  8. So pretty! I really want a Sophia. This color is great.
  9. Congratulations! I love the name "washed rose"!
  10. Great color!! Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  11. I just LOVE that color!!! What a great neutral...can wear w/ anything!!! So lucky!!! Congrats!!! :heart: Emmy
  12. BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!!