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  1. I took some quick pics with my iphone for u all of my fave SAKS EGC purchases!!!!!My silver Jimmy Choos are downstairs so Ill take pics of the rest of the shoes tomorrow.The black peeptoe Choos and the CHANEL camellia shoes are my FAVES!ENJOY!

  2. I love your Choos! Black peeptoes goes with just about everything!
  3. Great choices as usual Jill - is this your first navy bag?

    How's Tay? Hope all is well! {hugs}
  4. ^yep...first navy!
    Tay is not good...I stayed home from VA......eek!Poor kid!
  5. I love your taste Jill...congrats LOVE them ALL!!!!
  6. Very lovely. All three are great choices. :tup:
  7. I got a killer Prada jacket too but i wore it today and left it in my car...hehe.its the cutest little zipup jacket..and best of all...I got it FREE!(used some EGC cards!)
  8. Wow, glad you finally settled on the Navy flap. Gorgeous shoes, Jill -Hope DD is feeling better. Congrats on all the goods ;)
  9. wow! love the shoes! congrats on your new goodies!
  10. Lovely choices! You always bring back great things!!
  11. Congrats on you fab shoes & flap. Enjoy!
  12. Nice purchases. The camelia sandals are pretty. Congrats!
  13. Awesome purchases!
  14. gorgeous items!
  15. Love everything. :love: I wish that I could find those camellia sandals with the white flower? :hysteric:Seems they are long gone. They are beautiful. Love the flap too. I hope your daughter gets better soon. :balloon: Here's a get well balloon. Congrats!