FINALLY... pics from my wild two weeks!

Sep 6, 2008
I think I've finally figured out how to get my newest treasures displayed for all to see. Everything from the first pic came from my 2 trips to the outlet. I evidently couldn't stop at purses and accessories, so I indulged in some shoes, too. The phenomenal blue velvet pair came from TJMaxx, the sneakers are from Marshall's, and the silky Ocelots came from ebay today! I don't want to use an ugly word like "ban"...maybe "pause" would be okay??? I am totally in love with the wallet. Have you gals see it before?


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Sep 6, 2008
The wallet was truly my favorite find. I was walking by a table at the outlet when I spied one of those white "boxes" that had a $49 price sign on it. When I peeked inside, there were two of these wallets. I thought that it was surely a mistake, especially when I saw that the inner tag reported the original price somewhere in the neighborhood of $168. I held my breath at the register, waiting to see if it truly rang up $49. It did! The other wallet was snatched up moments after I moved away from the table. The style of the logo made me think it was a fairly new wallet. I just adore the lizard/snake inset.


May 8, 2008
I think SF from one of our Leesburg threads got 3 or so at the Queenstown outlet in MD and Leesburg had a tan version of the burgandy one you have above... very pretty (not my thing but hey, rock it!). Don't forget to post in our new I LOVE LUCI thread :0