Finally!**Pics** Baby cabas

  1. After the longest day of my life, here are pics of my white baby cabas. I hope this works.
    chanel 075.jpg chanel 074.jpg
    chanel 071.jpg
  2. GORGEOUS!!!:love: So do you love it?
  3. Gorgeous! I love it. Congrats!!!
  4. Here are a few more. Sorry about the bad lighting, I will take some tomorrow when there is daylight. chanel 079.jpg chanel 070.jpg
  5. OMG YES! Seriously, I loved my plum jumbo, but I love this one even more. I think I want one in every color.:shame:
  6. Jill Faints.
  7. What are the measurements??
  8. What's it look like on the inside?
  9. LxHxW=15x8x6 with an 8 inch handle drop.
  10. It is beautiful!!! :heart:I am so excited to get mine now!!! Thanks for the measurements!

    wonder if I can find one in Paris next week...LOL...HHMMMM...
  12. It's just a little bit smaller than the large modern chain tote.:yes:
  13. Its beautiful and it looks perfect on you. Congrats on your new cabas!
  14. even though it's called baby cabas i like the size!
    it looks so hot on u...i think on me too hahahaha (i can only imagine)

    does it fit comfortably over the shoulder?
  15. Hey Beth!!! I KNOW you were waiting all day for these pics.:lol: I can't wait to see yours.:yes: