Finally picked up my quilted bowler and little stam...

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  1. ...but one of them has to go... :crybaby:

    Hopefully you ladies remember my earlier thread announcing the purchase of my 2 first MJ bags - the large bronze quilted bowler and little gold stam...

    I finally picked both bags up today and I was sooooooo excited! Alas, when I opened up my packages, I realized that I had gone a little overboard, since they're both metallic quilted bags...even though they're very different styles. :Push: So now I've decided I can't keep both bags...*SIGH*. I LOVE both of them, but I've thought long and hard and finally decided it's going to have to be the little gold stam that goes, since I see myself using the bowler more often. I'm very sad to see the stam go's so cute and perfect for the holidays! :sad: It's just that the bowler is more practical for me. :shrugs: I've never had to sell a bag from my collection before, which makes me really sad to have to sell the little I hope I find it a good home!!! Wish me luck!!!! :yes:

    **Please remember we cant solicit any sales on the PF**
  2. Oh that little gold stam is so cute! But you are right, if you won't use them both, it doesn't make sense to keep them! I bet the bowler is gorgeous, when are the pics coming? Good luck with the sale of the stam!
  3. Awww ... good luck, sharbear! And congratulations!! As much as I like the little stam, I'd probably choose the bowler, too, since it's the bigger bag and I love big bags!! Enjoy your new bag!
  4. Sharbear, good luck with your little stam. =)
    Congrats on your bowler, enjoy. =)
  5. aw, what a predicament.. at least you made your decision! the little stam is gorgeous but it sounds like the bowler is more practical. The bronze looks like it would be very pretty IRL, how do you like it? Good luck with your baby stam, I'm sure you won't have any problems making your money back.
  6. Oh sharbear! I'm sorry the stam didn't work for you. I would have picked the bowler too. Good luck selling your little stam!
  7. Thanks for the encouragement Grace, Helena, abaglover and luvpurses!!!

    thithi - Thanks for the good luck...I hope you're right about making my money back! I LOOOOVE the bronze...especially since I have nothing like that colour... ;o)
  8. Congrats on the pretty new bowler, and I'm sure you'll be able to find a home for your little stam. It's such a pretty bag! Good luck!
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. Ladies, I thought the little gold stam would have been snatched up by now, but no luck yet...*sigh*...

    Do you think it's just slow because of the holiday spending people have to do over the next few weeks? Or do you think it's because of the colour or the size??? I don't understand, because it's such a gorgeous bag!!!!????
  11. It may be the season... Gold is still in, so I don't know why you're having trouble either. Maybe it's a sign for you to go and enjoy it? :graucho:
  12. ^ LOL - I was thinking that too!!!!!! That perhaps I should just keep the gorgeous little stam...hehehe

    But I have good news ladies - the bag is SOLD!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Someone's getting a really beautiful bag...
  13. Shar-Congratulations on your sale! That is wonderful!!!
  14. Thanks Grace!!!!!! :yahoo: