finally picked a speedy!!!

  1. had serious doubts about the dune color..but decided to go for it! bought today, scotch guarded it IMMEDIATELY (and it is fine, in case anyone was thinking about it!!!!!) sooo happy with it...and it is my first speedy! yay!! :yahoo:
    IMG_0529.JPG IMG_0530.JPG
  2. congrats!!!
  3. Great bag for the summer, congrat's.
  4. That is beautiful and not everyone has one which is great too! Congrats! :smile:
  5. Congrats!
  6. congrats!
  7. Beautiful summer bag!!!! Congrats!!
  8. congrats on your new purchase :smile:
  9. I Love Ur Bag!!! Congrats!!
  10. cute summer bag
  11. Congrats!! But.. Personally I think the ebony is so much better. The dune just looks so dirty to me.

  12. congrats! dune is such a pretty color :smile:
  13. Beautiful choice! Congrats! I wish I were brave enough to tote around a light-coloured bag for the season!
  14. Nice...Dune is super for summer!
  15. Congrats!