Finally!!! (photos)

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  1. So, recently got my first flap bag!!!! I looooove it!! Was taking some pictures of my collection to show one of my girlfriends and thought may aswell finally get some photies on here!! So here we go..... (a little group shot at the end of my very modest collection - I'm a 19 year old student so maybe I can be let off :smile:??)

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  2. You have a fantastic starters collection! Not modest at all!
  3. Congrats on such great bags! You sure put those "kids" to shame shopping authentic to a great start! WOW! Love your bags!
  4. If it's not authentic it's not worth having!! A fake is worse than no bag at all IMO :lol:
  5. 0o0o0oh congrats on your new bag!! You have a great collection! I love your flap, medallion tote & balenciaga. :smile:
  6. Congrats! And I love your collection! =)
  7. Congrats!! Love your bags esp the Chanel, Bbags and Mulberry!!! You have very good taste for a young lady!
  8. Great bag collection for a starter!
  9. You have a wonderful collection, congratulations!
  10. congrats it's pretty :yes:
    and when i was 19 my bags were below 50$ LOL

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. Gorgeous collection!
  12. great collection
  13. Great collection. The new addition is perfect!
  14. You have a great collection ... every bag is a classic, definitely not modest at all!
  15. You have wonderful stuff!!