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  1. :yahoo:HI... Sorry it has taken me a few days to post photos but here they are. Photos do not justice at all for the beauty of this bag and all of us BAL. lovers know how hard it is to capture the true beauty of these bags. Enjoy and Thanks for sharing my excitement!!!

  2. wow that city is glowing!
    gorgeous bag, love the leather - congrats!
  3. Here is a couple more


  4. She's DEFINITELY glowing!! Gorgeous gorgeous bag! You're sorta living my dream since I never dare buy a really light coloured bag b/c I can be careless sometimes...Congrats!!
  5. WOW! I love your new calcaire city! That is one color I regret giving up. It's such a unique color and chameleon like as well. Enjoy and congrats!
  6. HI... SORRY, those photos were small... just learning the photo tricks, lol. Here is a bigger one.

  7. That is SUCH a beautiful color. I love the pearly look!
  8. Wow.. Beautiful! :party:Enjoy your new baby!
  9. Gorgeous Calcaire !!
    Congrats !
  10. Congratulations! It's gorgeous.
  11. Wow, that is GORGEOUS!!
  12. Nice bag!! Congrats!
  13. WOAH I've never seen that color, it's spectacular! I love how it almost glows. Wonderful, and congrats!
  14. Beautiful Calcaire City, nutz! Congratulations...
  15. Thanks so Much, I will baby her that is for sure. I now want a Black, Marine or some dark color in a city as well. Any Suggestions??? Hope you all have a GREAT day!!!