Finally photographed my collection!

  1. Here they are...the most recent is the Abbey Flap, and I also photographed my wristlet/coin purse collection, my winter scarves, silk scarves, and key fob/accessories. It is really hard to photograph scarves in any reasonable way, so sorry about the lousy pic of that one.
    Bag collection.jpg Wristlets and coin purses.jpg Silk scarves.jpg Winter Scarves.jpg Key fobs and lanyards.jpg
  2. Love it all - great photos!!!
  3. All so beautiful -- a great collection! Congrats on it all!
  4. Awesome!!!!:yahoo: I love the blanket/throw.
  5. Great collection! Everything is gorgeous. :smile:
  6. That's actually a scarf! It is really, really long...I mean, it almost touches the ground even wrapped around my neck. But I love the marled wool, so I had to have it.
  7. Beautiful collection!!
  8. Great collection!!
  9. Lovely! Everything you have is great. Thanks so much for sharing. :smile:
  10. Do you have a post under the bag showcase? You should totally get one if you don't.

    Great collection.
  11. Marvelous collection...I absolutely love the variety of your Coach bags and goodies!:tup:
  12. Love your patent Gallery tote...sooo sexy! Nice collection :tup:
  13. No, I didn't think about that. I will see if I can move it, or start a new thread. Thanks! :smile:
  14. u want this moved to the showcase?
  15. Very nice- cute keyfobs too!