Finally out of the woodwork...Hello

  1. I thought I would finally come out of the woodwork and join the crowd. I've been a member for a while but never posted until just recently on the "authenticate forum"...I have enjoyed reading all of your posts. You guys are an amazing wealth of knowledge and your collections are fabulous. I too have a purse addiction...there i said it out DH thinks I'm insane but lets me do whatever makes me happy..yes he is a saint and I am one lucky girl. I have a few LV peices, quite a few Coach bags, and tons of other bags from different makers..some designer and some just regular fashion bags.
    I like classic styles..nothing too trendy...I want to be able to use the bags for years.

    So I have rambled.... but just wanted to say hi and look forward to posting more.:yahoo:

    To you guys on the "authenticate forum" you are amazing and such as great help
  2. Welcome !! TPF gets to be addicting and makes you prone into buying more LV's when you see the other members collections and buys!
  3. Hi, welcome to tPF!!!! Glad you came out of the woodwork!!
  4. Hi, welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself and I look forward to seeing you around tPF!
  5. Welcome to posting. There is a great group of people on this forum and they are always willing to share their knowledge and advice
  6. Welcome Welcome!!

    the peeps here are all AWESOME! but i bet you know that already! :wlae:
  7. Hi there! Welcome back to tPF!
  8. Welcome to TPF.
  9. Welcome :flowers:
  10. Thanks guys...i should have done this a long time ago...:upsidedown:
  11.'s a great place!!!
  12. Welcome! I can say your collection will definately grow!!
  13. HI welcome to TPf you will have a blast and waste many a hour here
  14. Welcome! TPF is definitely gonna make you want to buy more bags and accessories! :biggrin:
  15. I'm already addicted to the forum even long before i posted....:lol: