Finally Ordered the Madeline!!!!

  1. Okay........after some problems w/ the website, I ordered the Madeline over the phone, and she's should be here by Thursday or Friday!!!!:yahoo:DH gave me the okay..........and of course the first thing I did was run to the computer and try to order it...but I had some problems, for some reason it wouldn't go through, so I ordered it through JAX.....and now I'm worried I won't get the right bag or here's hoping! Cross your fingers for me!! I'm so excited! I can't wait to get her! This is gonna be a LONG week!!!
  2. Congrats on your Madeline... I hope you :heart: it, she is a beauty! Post pics when you get her!
  3. Oooh what color?
  4. YAY! so happy for you.
  5. khaki/mahonany:tup:

  6. Thank you!!!!
  7. CONGRATS!!! I am happy for you..
  8. Yay For You!!!
  9. Try not to worry, I think the problems that a few have experienced recently are the exception. I've placed orders directly through C/S, and have not had any problems.

    I hope you love it, and please post pics...
  10. :woohoo:Woo Hoo!
  11. Congrats~! I can't wait to see pics.
  12. :yahoo:......:woohoo:......:nuts:.....:tup:
  13. Good for you! Please post modeling pics! I haven't seen this bag on anyone yet. I bet its gorgeous!!! :smile:
  14. Ooooh pretty. I want a madeline sooo much.
  15. Thanks everyone!! I can't wait to get it!!!!!