Finally ordered my Pergo floors

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  1. :smile: After waiting forever to finally finish off my formal living and dining room I ordered my Pergo floors from the pergo online outlet. I think they was called seaside pine. It is a whitewashed color which gives you that beach weathered look. Then much to my amazement I was talking to my firend and her friend will install them for me at a really good price. So now I have to wait to get them delivered......
    I will probably give the walls a quick repainting of the off white paint color too. I really want the rooms to be a uncluttered shabby white beach cottage design. This weekend I am going through my china cabinet and getting rid of anything I don't need. I want to get rid of all the clutter. I will add all my books and whatever else I can find that are laying around. I have a few pieces of painted furniture that I did which I can also give to my sister so that will help unclutter things. I also will probably repaint all my picture frames from black to white to lighten up the rooms.
    Still need to get a white armoire and really want some white slipcovered furniture from Ikea. The brown leather sofa in the living room will not work even though I have a nice pottery barn slipcover the sofa is just way too big. I will somehow make it work in the family room. :roflmfao: Hubby is going away for one day and night this weekend so I can clean and not have him tell me to save the stuff. He lis a hoarder and you know how that is.
    After living in this house for 9 years it finally feels like things are starting to come together decorating wise. I guess hubby will be surprised when the Pergo gets delivered, haven't quite told him how much I ordered.:smile: I got enought to do the master bedroom too. As long as he is not involved in the work he doesn't care. He lets me do what I want. All my friends have husbands who will not even allow them to hang a picture on the wall unless they get approval. I couldn't imagine being told what picture I can hang or what color curtains I can have. That is so sad so I guess I lucked out with my hubby.
  2. I love house renovations.
    Please post a picture when you're done.
  3. It was hard moving fom houses in Florida with beautiful tile floors on all the rooms to homes here with the cheap ugly builders carpet. I think the floors will change the whole vibe of the house. This house is far from my dream house in any way.

  4. I've always wondered about this since tile can be pretty cool on the feet, but I guess this is a good thing since it's warm in FL.
  5. I agree, because when we moved into our little 900 sq ft house in Minnesota, it had dark brown, dirty, 30 year old shag carpet everywhere, even going up the stairs. The house was built in 1925, and after we ripped out the carpet (with glued-on backing and huge tacks) we found beautiful, solid oak wood floors underneath.

    It took a lot of work, because whatever the floorboards were sealed with gunked up the rented rotary sander, so we ended sanding on our hands and knees. The floors were truly beautiful when we were done, they glowed. The original owner was a builder by trade and built the house for his family. It was tiny, but of such good quality,built-in bookcases and a large buffet lovingly made so many those years ago.

    I like houses with a history. It odd though, we looked at another house which was built around the same time, and you couldn't have paid me to spend one night in there. Maybe this sounds all new-agey, but there was a feeling about that house that was simply "off".
  6. My inlays had a very small tiny cottage house that was full of charm. It had a buit
    in wall china hutch, beautiful hardware floors, and a claw foot tub in the bath. It was one bedroom but they then added two more. It was vacant and then vandalized and stripped of all their antique furniture and stuff. At one point hubby and I thought of buying it but a neighbor did and it was given to him $$$. The older houses have so much more then new builders with their square genetic homes. Bigger is not better. My house is a lot of wasted space. Hopefully I will make it feel more like a charming home not just a house.
  7. gillianna, you will. What I found is that it takes time for a house to take on personality and turn into a home. It needs life, being lived in lovingly.

    That's the reason I mentioned the house I wouldn't have spent one night in for loving or money. There was something so wrong about it. Not the layout, none of that. It only seemed sad and sinister to me.

    We also looked at brand-new houses in a development, but they were so devoid of any character and charm. Lousy quality, too. Only a passel of bricks and drywall with a "great room" that no amount of loving care could have ever made cozy.
  8. The houses here all are build in the colonial box style, every builder must use the same floor plans. UGLY. There is nothing that can improve not having floor to ceiling windows and the mored modern style our florida houses had. I hate not getting more light through the windows.
    We have been in our house for 9+ years, I still kind of hate it......I have painted it and am very happy with the interior paint. Put wood floord down in the kids room and hallway upstairs along with the entrance to eat in kitchen area. I do think with the new Pergo floors in the formal living room and dining room it will really change the feel of the house. Along with a few pieces of furniture and more decluttering. I have bought perfect art, mostly beautiful photographs and even some great photographs on canvas by one fashion photographer whose art I love. So the walls/curtains will come together the way I want.

    I found a handyman and he will install the floors and I also will redo the powder room downstairs which badly needs new everything..... I also hope to have him repaint my bedroom (all soft white) along with the new pergo floors there so I think the whole look will be a very romantic and clean room. I want to replace my old Ilea tan closet unit with white ones and really have no clutter, everything behind closed doors. Kind of like the Asian design houses whose interiors I really like. They have more of a simple look. I guess if I can find the Zen in my bedroom my mood will change.
    I look at my kitchen with the white beadboard and open shelves, shabby chic curtains and the room makes me smile. I had this done about 9 months ago and it is such a pretty room so I know other rooms can feel this way too.
  9. I am so happy. The floors get delivered this afternoon. The installer guy was here this morning to see my list. He is going to redo my whole powder room too-paint and new toilet and sink. He has to stop by later and this weekend to bring in the boxes of Pergo into the house from the garage. SO this weekend I will clear out all the clutter from the living and dining room and then he can start the work. I think the house will be so different. I can't wait. I also am going to rearrange the rooms and put the dining room in the front and the living room in the back. It has nicer views from the back window and the kids and I always liked sitting in that room. Just to unclutter everything will make it nice, I already got rid of some furniture this week and have to put other furniture in different rooms. I am going for a very clean, uncluttered look.
  10. I am so happy. Floor guy is coming tomorrow AM to start the floors. I wonder if he will get it done in two days? Since it is just him alone I don't expect it done in one day. I ordered my IKEA white living room furniture. I have some beautiful art to hang up by a favorite photographer too. I just need to get a small rug and will probably go with a light seagrass with a white border. My son has one in his room with a black border and the rug is indestructable. I don't want to cover up the floors but just feel perhaps a 5 X 8 rug will be fine. Finally after 10+ years I will have my white living room. I have forever wanted the IKEA furniture with white slipcovers. I wanted that white beach cottage look. It is amazing how I uncluttered the two rooms out and what a difference it made. I moved the china hutch into the front foyer and it looks very nice there. I cleaned it out of everything I don't want or need. I figure I will not put any clutter back into the rooms. Put a dark floral chaise lounge out on the street-someone will take it. My husband always hated that thing and he was more then happy to see it go. :roflmfao: My son and I carried it out to the street when hubby was out and I said "I hope he does not yell at me for getting rid of it."
    After the floors the downstairs powder room gets started. I need to find a new vanity and toilet along will flooring from home depot. The room is so small.
    I will post pictures when it is all done.