Finally Ordered My Ferro Flap Bag--and More!!

  1. I'm BACK. Sorry I have been gone for awhile. Family stuff. Well I bought the gorgous Ferro Flats--shoes, and I love the color so much. But they don't make the bag I like in the ferro color. I love the simple flap bag. So I ordered one from Italy. And I figured, while I was at it why not order my other favorite color--Old Petra. Now they were really expensive. Each bag was almost $2600. They put my initials on the metal inside tag--that makes me so happy, and it takes 6 months but who cares. One light color for spring, and one dark color for fall. I spent all my money for the rest of the year but I am thrilled.

    Yes, I will post lots of photos when I get them. No one else will have these colors in the flap bags!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Whoaaaaaa!!! What a lovely March 2008 it will be for you!!! Hopefully it won't take the whole 6 mos, but at least you will have a bag you know you will make you happy and is truly personalized.
  3. hillarys-the bags sound fantastic. i love the initials on the inside and is there going to be a special metal tag. that would be great. what does the flap bag look like? can't wait to see your new bags. congrats!
  4. wow congrats and thanks for sharing! the ferro flats are stunning and on my wishlist. :heart: the simple bags sound beautiful and so special! please post pics in 6 months! :tup:
  5. ok I have 0 idea what bags these are, but it sounds damm exciting and now I CAN'T WAIT to see the pics. 6 months you say?! this is going to be the longest tease in purse forum history...

  6. Your special order bags sound fantastic and well worth the wait.
  7. Hillarys, which flap bags did you order? SO is always exciting!
  8. Congrats! We'd love to see some SO bags around here. Ferro and OP are :drool:
  9. Congrats hillarys..... the special initial tag makes the wait worthwhile! We are waiting patiently along with u...... remember to come back once you get them.
  10. Thanks Ladies,

    Boxermom has the flap bag in her little picture in brown. Hopefully the bags won't take 6 months. I think I am on a bag ban until spring 2008:heart:
  11. hillarys, that is amazing and congratulations! I like that flap bag too and Old Petra is my favorite BV color.
  12. Heres the flap bag in Parvo--purple with the little zip card case. I love the color.:heart: Its a smaller compact bag that holds its shape well.
  13. love that purple color! i can't wait for bv to release another purple. i'm sure the ferro and OP will be just as beautiful! :drool:
  14. i finally found out what purse you are talking about! it's such a simple and classic piece-no wonder you want it in 2 colors. congratz Hillarys on your 2 new purchases.
  15. Many Congrats on ordering 2 beautiful bags. May I ask how much xtra you had to pay compared to the original price??? I'm waiting for BV to get back to me on whether they can SO a bag but they are taking their time about giving me an answer! How much deposit did you pay per bag?