Finally ordered my clear inclusion bracelet

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  1. At the moment there are 5 left in the country, considering my store doesn;t know when they will receive the shipment, I had to order it so in time for Christmas.
    I had to pay $10 shipping but I asked them to ship it to the store so I can pick up my Azur at the same time. So I should expect the bracelet sometime next week.
    Yayyy:yahoo: :yahoo:

    I can't wait any longer, I saw blackbutterfly's bracelet and the auction at Ebay..just it..I have to have it by Christmas. I 've been drooling over it forever!

    So incase any of you plan to get it for Christmas, hurry order it now..

    To tempt you guys I have to show these again :P :supacool:


  2. ohh its so pretty! hope you like it!
  3. congrats! when I went to ala moana they were all sold out last Friday, it's sooo pretty! but I guess I can't drool over it anymore since I tried the framboise and it didn't fit me :sad:.
  4. Got mine already! Congrats!
  5. congrats, i know you have been wanting it forever. :smile:
  6. thanks guys, I know you guys in Europe are so lucky.I 've been waiting forever,so this month 3 items I get to cross from my list when I get this bracelet and azur speedy.
  7. Congrats bagsnbags! Now if next week'll just come more quickly... :graucho:
  8. Congrats! :flowers:
  9. Congrats, the azur and inclusion! You are a lucky girl! :cutesy:
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats.
  12. thanks guys...can't wait ..lucky DH is feeling rather festive LOL
  13. hey I thought they weren't out until 2007??? Did you order from a US boutique?
  14. Congrats Nita....can't wait to see pics of it and your Azur!
  15. thank you twiggers and stefani

    Stefania; From what they told me, right now they only have 5 left in US and shipped it the people who order it first or to some major stores. I called my store but they haven't received it and not sure when they will receive it, therefore they ordered it for me instead of putting me in waiting list (yeah that means I have to wait). I think it will be available in stores and Eluxury next year. I want it for Christmas so I can include it to my Christmas gift from DH :love: .