Finally! One for ME!

  1. Just wanted to share a pic of my new vintage 40cm HAC. I've been looking soooo long for that perfect vintage Hermes bag that I could carry. As soon as i saw it I knew it would be mine :drool: . I love the patina and the tarnished hardware.

    It's from the 1960s and I have never seen this kind of leather is like Swift but with a slightly larger grain. Very soft silky leather. Maybe someone knows?

    I'm amazed at the condition of this bag, especially how soft and supple the leather still is. It has absolutely no dryness or cracking.

    It is lined in a very thin cotton canvas and the bag weighs less than a 40cm Birkin. So it's a perfect everyday bag and perfect's incredible how much you can fit in this thing.

    No I just need to find one for winter

  2. Congratulations P! What a rare beauty! I am totally intrigued by the leather. I wonder what it could be...where's HG?
  3. Wow... very nice. What a lovely choice. Congrats! It's a keeper.
    It looks awesome for a bag from the 60's :drinks:
  5. i love vintage, especially unique vintage. congrats! finally one for you!
  6. Congratulations, she's just gorgeous!!
  7. OMG - P....that is DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ohhhh, how lovely!!! You must be thrilled with it!!

    GREAT choice, by the way........I ADORE that combination!
  8. that is just gorgeous
  9. Congrats! That HAC is...powerful! The leather is gorgeous and patina'd as only vintage can be. Is the fabric portion crinoline?
  10. one question how well does it look a HAC on a guy???
  11. What a find! Hope that we can learn about the leather. Please post some more pictures of this vintage beauty!
  12. That is a gorgeous bag, Pete!!
  13. That is a truly gorgeous and masculine bag! Congratulations on a fantastic find! It couldn't find a better or more appreciative home.
  14. Gorgeous bag.
  15. Oh! Hello Pete! Nice bag for all your travels! :heart: