Finally off the Plane and Home from Chicago!! (long post)

  1. Well as many of you all know, Lucy (Jburgh) & I met in Chicago on Wednesday and for the past 4 days we spent our entire days shopping, eating and hanging out together :party:

    Having never met Jburgh until stepping off the plane on Wednesday and only communicating via email & some phone calls, I will truly say this was the most fun I have had in years:yahoo: Many people including our DH's, thought we might be a little crazy for planning 4 days with each other, but it was truly like we had been best friends for years :girlsigh:

    When we went to the Jimmy Choo store on Thursday and hung out with Roger, Lynne, & Casey, they were shocked to find out we had never met prior to the day before :shocked: and commented how it seemed like we had known each other and had been friends for years :yes:

    Jburgh is everything you would expect her to be from getting to know her through the forum and then some and yes, SHE CAN SHOP!!!!

    Anyway, we had a wonderful time each day, despite the brutal wind and cold. Out of the hotel by 9:30 am and back after dinner each night. We are too old to be party animals, so it was early to bed to prepare for the next day's adventure, but boy what adventures they were.

    We went to almost every store & boutique at least once and we spent quite a bit of time with Casey last night and had a chance to give her feedback on all the various issues concerning the functionality of the different bags, leathers and styles features. (Casey indicated they do have to give a report to HQ on issues/FB they receive from customers) and we also gave her the FB on some of the poor customer service issues members have had with the UK offices. It will be very interesting to see if anything becomes of these comments and concerns :confused1:

    Everyone in the Chicago store continued to rave about how much they love the Choo girls from the PF and said if you ever have any questions, concerns or comments, please let them know and they will do their best to relay it back to HQ.

    Anyway, Jburgh should be arriving home in an couple of hours, so I will let her provide more details, (as she is so much better at writing) but I highly recommend to all of you, that if you have an opportunity to meet with other PFr's (especially Jburgh ) do it :yahoo: You will not regret it :tup:
  2. yay! :yahoo:we missed you:love:...i planned a circus and everything..well, there were issues, :push:but it is the thought that counts!:tup:
    :woohoo:welcome home!!!!!:woohoo:

    ( robyn called me from chicago to report on her dumbo sighting ( aka mink riki)...and she thought dumbo was lovely! :girlsigh:stinker? are you listening?:graucho:)
  3. How cool!! Two of the sweetest tPFers hanging out-- I love it!!! I hope we get to see pictures of some new Choo acquisitions!!! Glad you're home safe Robyn :love:
  4. Welcome back Ethel!!!!! :yahoo: You and Jburgh were definitely missed! First of all, let me tell guys think I'M a problem child? Yeah, try keeping MICK in line for 4 days! Her parents deserve a medal I tell ya!! :push:

    Anyway, I can't think of 2 more wonderful Choo girls to meet guys do actually remind me of Lucy and Ethel....just 2 great friends who are always up to something! :drinkup:

    I'm so glad you had such a great time in Chicago and that your meetings with Casey were not only fun but also productive. :tup: was the pizza??? :biggrin:
  5. Do you see what I mean?? WE all use the grouchy smilie in fun....but when Mick uses it? Yeah, baaad things are a comin'! :shocked:

    I'm tellin' ya, she learned from that circus fiasco....God only knows what she's planning next! for the hills!! :hs: Well, maybe on something a bit faster than that!
  6. if i get dumbo, i need, per your request, to plan something for my reveal:graucho:...hmmmmmmm.....maybe i can jimmy rig those one legged hazmat suits into something interesting, or at the very least, distracting enough from poor dumbo:nuts:.....tomorrow i head into nyc to see everything for myself, :woohoo:so i'll keep you posted stinker!:wlae:
  7. I'm on pins and needles....hey, send me a couple of those hazmat suits before you leave! I'll take one leg off of one of them and sew it onto the know, while you're in NYC which is only 2 hours from where I live! Waaay too close for comfort with you and your scheming!

    I can see you now asking the SA, "Yeah, it IS a nice bag, but do you think it can hold a 12" fireworks shell?" :rolleyes:

    Back on topic! :back2topic:....Jburgh....I want details on the trip and especially the pizza! As well as all things Choo!! :tup:
  8. Welcome home...I think it's safe for me to say that we all missed your insight! I couldn't believe you two had never met fun! I'm glad you had a wonderful time; now, no more secrets...whatdja get???
  9. Welcome back!! Glad you had a great time. Did you pick up any new bags while in Chicago?
  10. Welcome back Robyn. I'm so jealous about your trip. My sister used to live in Chicago and I would go twice a year and the shopping is amazing. I could live on Michigan Ave. Any new Choo bags from your trip??!
  11. So glad you had a good time! How fun...four days of shopping!:love:
  12. Oh right! Like you haven't been shopping JM! From what I've caught up on you've been quite busy yourself lately! ;)
  13. Robyn, so good to have you back!! You and jburgh were missed:yes:. I am so happy to hear you had a wonderful time. I did not doubt for a moment you two would hit it off. It sounds like you kept pretty busy with shopping and more shopping and dining and more shopping:yahoo:Looking forward to the Chicago loot thread and hearing what your feelings are after seeing all the Choos first hand.
  14. I can't wait to hear what the Chili suede looks like IRL!
  15. That's true, but my Choo shopping has been all from the keyboard lately. But, the bills are coming in now...:yucky::shocked: