FINALLY!! New Dior sunglasses :)

  1. Hi everybody,

    I went to Leipzig this weekend and was basically on the hunt for a new bag or new sunglasses. We walked around the shopping district for a while but didn't really find anything until we went into the new Breuninger. Oohhh, I was in my element!

    After not being in a store with designer items (ie. handbags) for so long, it felt good to touch a nice leather, lol. None of the bags really caught my eye so I decided to check out their sunglasses stand. They had Dior, D&G, Chanel and some other various brands. I fell in love with a pair of Chanel sunglasses, but they were a little too small for my head. So I looked through the stand some more and then I found my new Diors :smile:

    I also found a pair of sunglasses at H&M.

    Pictures are attached :biggrin:
    IMG_3120_watermarked.jpg IMG_3122_watermarked.jpg IMG_3123_watermarked.jpg IMG_3127_watermarked.jpg IMG_3128_watermarked.jpg
  2. ooooh, very nice! They look great on you!
  3. Thank youuuu! :biggrin:
  4. Very fun glasses! Congrats on the purchase.
  5. hot diors!
  6. I not only love them....I want them!!!! What is the style number and name!
    They look fab!
  7. Very pretty!
  8. NICE! i totally love DIOR sunnies! congrats on the new eyewear!!!
  9. Congrats to you! very pretty!
  10. Not sure of the style number, but on the sides of the sunglasses it says "DIORSPARKLING2N" :smile: Then there's some numbers and letters and squares after that, but the style name is DIORSPARKLING2N!
  11. I love those glasses.
  12. They're gorgeous! Fit you very well, too!!
  13. wow
    those look fab on you~!

    great purchases
  14. those r really pretty...