Finally new bag...but not so happy!!! Help!

  1. Hi everyone...

    I am so upset. I finally got my second bag, I believe from an old colletcion...from a department store. But, it is some how all weird..even though I still love it, looks like it is not as steady and firm...or maybe I was too used to my other other (black one, dont know names)...What do you think??? Also, do you guys know the names?

    Thanks :confused1:
  2. well the brown signature-this is the one your questioning?- is a soho flap and it's a great bag! maybe your just used to your black one- that is a hamptons I belive... seriously that soho is great- give it a try- personally i think everyone should own a soho flap.......
  3. thanks...I know I may be a little paranoid lol...but, yeah, my first bag was the black on, that I absolutly looove, so, I am lacking a bit of room and firmness...I will continue wearing it...tks a lot ;)
  4. You have 2 of my very fav. bags in my most favorite colors. I just love them.
  5. :wlae:
    OH, thanks =)
    Taking that I am new here and dont know much...makes me feel better
  6. That's a beautiful bag!
  7. yeah that's a signature soho flap (large) and I agree with everyone else; it's a great bag with excellent organization. It goes with everything and looks really good, too! I have an older one in burnished saddle brown leather and its pretty stiff so maybe the signature feels more 'broken in' right off the bat. either way, I say keep it!
  8. I love the hobo. Great bag.
  9. Tks everyone =)
    Im definitly with a better attitude towards it...
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself!!! Soho are :tup:
  11. I think it's gorgeous and I love your collection! I have a Soho too and I LOVE it...and I haven't even used it yet! :p
  12. I've been eyeballin' those SOHO flaps lately. You picked a beautiful bag! I think your black bag is generally a more firm type style where the SoHo isn't. There's nothing wrong with it, just a different "type" or "style" than what you're used to. Keep wearing it, you'll love it! :tup:
  13. beautiful bags...a carryall and a soho.. flap bags are so great. i just got lazy about the
  14. For a gal just starting her collection. You've done well with your selection. I agree...Give the new bag a chance. It's quite a different style than your used to. But...You'll find it has character all its own. And that on certain days...It just suits your mood than the other. But both are stunning!:tup:
  15. Nice bags!