Finally narrowing down FL wardrobe

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  1. I'm SO excited about our upcoming FL trip (Ft. Lauderdale area) but I am the worst at packing for a short trip (just 5 days, 2 of which are pretty much all day flying coast to coast).

    Here's the short list:
    Plane outfit (tank, jeans, sneakers, cropped cardigan)...wearing to and from.

    rest of the time:
    day outfits:
    1. Theory low cut white v-neck tee
    Joe's cigarette jeans with black belt
    black platform sandals

    2. white bootcut jeans with brown belt
    striped ruched tank (Shine)
    brown sandals (franco sarto)
    brown Fendi sunnies

    3. evening (informal b-day party, late afternoon)
    Black Club Monaco slacks
    black platform sandals
    citrine and silver necklace and earrings
    tossup between two tops: 1 is a sleeveless black silk/spandex shell with a ruched neckline and the other is a long sleeve button front grey and black crinkled silk shirt with a collar and bell sleeves. Either won't wrinkle too much.


    Bags: Saleya PM (day) and Chloe clutch (evening)

    I'd like to narrow it down to just one day outfit but I just can't :shrugs: .

    Why no shorts or bathing suits? Well, I have a bruised knee that's healing up but not fast enough and I'm a little self conscious about it, plus I'm so pale and haven't had time to go tanning.

  2. Bring your bathing suit and pair of shorts just in case.
  3. Sounds great- bring your bathing suit- it is Florida!! No one cares about you looking pale!

    Also, pack a sweater or two. Florida gets oddly chilly in the winter sometimes (40's at night when I was home last time). You want to be safe rather than cold!!

    Where are you staying in Ft. Lauderdale- PM me if you have any questions!! that is where I grew up :yes:

    You will have a blast!!!
  4. Im in Key west and today it sunny and 80...the weather has been delightfully warm. So very pleasant. I lay out every afternoon for a few hours. It is just starting to be our winter and its not to chilly at all yet. So do bring shorts and maybe a sun dress or two. In the evening I have yet to put on a sweater....I think you are going to find it perfect!!! If we have a cold front I will let you know! When are you coming?
  5. hey , I'm coming to Miami Lakes on sunday and was wondering the same question, what would be appropriate to pack??
    Thanks ladies u rock:yahoo:
  6. Hey all, thanks for the input! We're going to be in Ft. Lauderdale/Coconut Creek area 12/07 and leaving 12/11. I'm going to try to swing it with just the cardigan for the plane ride and keep a heavy coat in the trunk when I get back. I really am a furnace and don't get cold very easily. OK, OK, I'll bring shorts and show off the pale legs and bruise ;) but we're going to be busy running errands and prepping for BF's Mom's party that I don't think there's going to be a lot of R&R time.

    Woo hoo!
  7. Hey everyone...we got back to Seattle around midnight on 12/11 and had an amazing time. A little clouds, rain and wind? Well, with high 70s temps, who cares? Everyone kept apologizing for the weather, but wow, it was heavenly. The trip was incredible...everything with BF's Mom's b-day went great, had a lot of road tripping done in a few short days around Miami, Boca, Palm Beach...not enough time to do some serious shopping but I drooled, believe me. I'm ready for next time! :wlae:
  8. Do you have a long flowing skirt that you can use with a tank? Something that can go day to evening? You might be hot wearing pants everyday. A long flowing skirt will be cooler. A sweater or wrap for evenings, expecially if you are going to walk on the beach or sit outside near the ocean. Of course you can always find some great stores in any town, so you can always buy something there if you needed it. Do bring a bathing suit and coverup and don't forget the sunscreen lotion.
    Have fun.