Finally! My very FIRST LV!

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  1. I'm so happy it's hard for me to focus on anything else(including writing here)! My beloved Damier Speedy 30:heart: is now home!:supacool:

    As I went to LV in Copenhagen I saw 22:drool: LV-bags as a total and atleast 75% of them were authentic, it's like "wow"(good to see less and less of the fakes). As many of you know I had a problem deciding between 25 and 30, and as I walked, I saw a 25 and realised it was way too small. Anyway while at LV everybody were sooo wonderful! The safety guard opened the door and greeted me and the atmosphere in there is just overwhelming. A SA immediately came to my assistance and I told her I wanted to Look at Damier Speedy in size 30. As she went away to get it I just stood there and another SA asked me if I needed something, LVoely service! My SA came back and I held the Speedy and where totally beautiful...No pictures does it justice, as for any LV-bag for that matter. I paid and left and it felt like I walked on fluffy little clouds back down to the station. There were a lot of people staring at, first my brown LV-bag, then at me, it felt really good:graucho:!

    My Speedy is just perfect in size and everything, no creases at all. One thing that I'm curious about is if LV has stopped having id-numbers inside their bags? Or else I must be blind..I know that Chloé changed their combinations of numbers to stay one step ahead of the fakers..I got a paper tag wih a number on it, could this be it?

    Thank you all who has given me advice!!:yahoo:
    Enjoy your day!
  2. yayy for you!! please post modleing pictures!
  3. Congrats!! I love Damier :heart:
  4. Wow, congrats :tup: what a great choice.
  5. Thanks! Yet do anybody know about the numbers?
  6. The date codes? They are "hidding" inside the bags...I think for a Speedy, it is behind the pocket flap inside. You can refer to the Date Code area of our Reference Library.

    But anyway, CONGRATS on your first LV! My first was a Speedy, too! I'm really happy to hear that you received excellent service because all I've been hearing about are complaints these days. I was really getting worried.

    I'd love to see modeling photos! :heart: Enjoy using her!
  7. congrats on such a wonderful bag as your first!!!! there will be more to come! :devil:
  8. Thanks! I'll try to post pics as soon as possible..I've found the date code now=).
    I must confess I was a little bit nervous as there has been a lot of complaints concerning LV's customer service, but it turned out well.
    My next purchase will be accesoires pochette in Damier Azur..he...he...he
  9. congrats! the size 30 is a GREAT size! i got my first speedy 25 and I don't like it b/c it's too small for me. I can't wait to see pics!!!!!
  10. Congrats on your first LV!! Damier Speedy is a lovely choice..please do post pics!
  11. I'm currently moving so I'll try to post pics of my darling as soon as possible=)! I agree that 25 is too small, I'm a fan of small bags but 30 satisfy me more than enough. It is chic yet it can contain a lot..Perfect!
  12. congrats on your purchase!
  13. Great choice for a first LV! Congrats!
  14. congrats on your first LV!!
  15. yay!!! Congrats on your first LV. I am sure there will be more soon.