Finally, my Vanilla Paddy is here!

  1. Yeah:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:The paddy is finally here! After I won her, she did not arrive at my house till 12 days later via USPS. Was getting a little worried that she might be MIA. But, everything is cool now, she is finally here! Everyone here is right. The 05 leather feels much better than the 07 ones. So soft and smooth, and the color is perfect, exactly what I am looking for.

    BTW, she came with a slightly loose padlock, but I was able to fix it:nuts:. If anyone have any padlock/key problem, I might be able to help. Can open a DIY-How To Fix Padlock Thread:roflmfao:...

    She is now going out with me to home depot. Thank you all, can't do this without you. :tpfrox:.
  2. Congratulations. she is a beauty. I hope the two of you have lots of fun shopping :tup:
  3. That is beautiful... another paddy to haunt me at night. It would look great next to my imaginary jeans moyen... awwwww.

    Oh by the way, what does 'MIA' mean?
  4. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    It great, great, great :nuts::yahoo::tup:!!!!!!!
  5. Oh congratz! I was eyeing that bag but couldn't make up my mind, she's lovely, enjoy!!! :tup:
    Missing in action! :smile:
  6. I would love to hear about how you fixed your padlock! Photos would be great too! My jeans moyen padlock is a little difficult sometimes.
  7. Congrats!!! :yahoo:

    I used to have a Vanilla Paddy in great condition but the color was too light for me - I never used it for fear of getting it dirty.

    Hope you enjoy it :heart: (and are braver than I :tup:)
  8. Kuruma - MIA is short for "missing in action" - which would imply that the bag was lost somehow.

    It certainly is a beauty and makes me want to get an '05 somehow if the difference is THAT appreciable!!
  9. Congrats she's beautiful! I'm glad you found your paddy. I knew you were looking for one. But now I want an 05 paddy. :girlsigh:
  10. Ah missing in action... I truly had no idea what it was!
  11. That is so luscious- love the color!! Congrats
  12. Sooooooooooo pretty! :heart:
  13. Pretty bag, enjoy shopping with it!
  14. Missing in action. It is supposed to get delivered by USPS in 2-3 days. But, I did not get her until 12 days later. Both my postal-lady and me thought that she is a goner for sure.

    BTW, I now know why everyone lusts after the Edith. Saw an edith at local consignment store. I looked and could not find the date code so does not know what year it is. But, the leather is so soft compared to the 06/07 ones that I saw at the boutique. IMO, the leather quality definitely has changed, and the difference can be felt.
  15. the color is fab!! :biggrin: