1. Finally!!!! I took an updated picture of all my stuff!!!
    I sold a lot (most of which i regret), a lot of shoes gone

    But I still got some stuff to show!!!

    First off, Limited Edition Perfume Print Towel
    Pink Chevron Hobo
    Pink Chevron wristlet (given to me by dianausaur for ROAK)
    Legacy wristlet in chili
    Scarf print umbrella
    Scarf print makeup case
    White Poppy tote
    Black laced XL hobo (gave it to my mom)


    -Pink concentric heart keyfob
    -Pink/wine heart luggage tag
    -Limited Edition comic keyfob
    Magenta patent wristlet
    Denim wristlet from 06
    Punch stripe demi
    Black Patent leather bag
    Legacy signature hippie 06
    Denim stripe multifunction tote


    Brown medium laced duffle


    Legacy stripe beret
    Pink mini sig ponytail scarf
    Pink lozenge scarf
    Pink scarf print scarf
    Denim ponytail scarf
    Super Long legacy ponytail scarf
    Tattersall ponytail scarf

    It sucks because I cant wear any of my ponytail scarves cuz i just cut my hair down to about 1 inch by accident :cursing: damn barber shops

    finally my last 7 pairs of shoes


    Can't remember the name of the first, but they're some type of patchwork wedge from last year, super comfy
    Dalia in gold/khaki
    Jilly flats in magenta
    Diedra pumps
    Martin? crap i cant remember the name

    I also have 2 pairs of boots
    pic from eBay, but they are called Reese, and I also have the Maxenes in black!!!

  2. Wow I have a lot more than I thought but I feel like I m missing something!!!
  3. I love all your pink!
  4. Cute collection!!!! You have some great pieces!
  5. Your collection is BEAUTIFUL!! You have GREAT taste!!:tup:
  6. Wow. You have the most rare and lovely collection! I love those denim and poppy bags too. :drool:
  7. I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!!!! You have the same taste as me!!! I just don't own as many Coaches as you-lol!!! Thanks for sharing these pics!! :smile:
  8. What a beautiful collection!
  9. Thanks guys!! You helped me remember what I forgot!!

    My magenta/orange legacy french purse
    and my punch planner!!

  10. Gorgeous collection!! I love how you used the towel as a backdrop!! lol :smile:
  11. Wow!!! I love your collection!!! Congrats!
  12. I just love that pink chevron bag and wristlet!
  13. thanks guys!!!
  14. your collection looks great!!!!!!!
  15. Love your collection! You have a nice variety!