FINALLY! My turquoise '08 is here!

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  1. I thought I wanted a work with RH and at the last minute changed my mind... so I called up my SA at NM and asked her if she still had the turquoise city she'd called me about last week and she did! So... after much moisturizing and beating up and trying to make it look as broken in as possible (I am so impatient about waiting for BBags to break in) here it is! The color isn't exact to IRL but it is very very close.


    And while I'm posting, here's the wallet that I got with the 2 buy 2 promotion

  2. Congrats!!!!
  3. OOOOh..oh, (pause to catch my breath)..and with RH!!! must be thrilled.
  4. OMG its BEAUTIFUL!!! So you moisturized it to make it look broken in? It looks soo great!
  5. Gorgeous bag and wallet!
  6. Congrats. :yahoo:What a great deal.:wlae:
  7. Nice choice. I really like the turquiose and even better that you got it as part that great promotion! Enjoy!
  8. That's the prettiest turqey I have seen so far! Congrats on your NM deal!
  9. *Lo, I read a thread in the reference section I think where someone suggested using the Clinique yellow lotion to moistuize the bags - it makes them really soft and smooshy looking without darkening the color at all. So that's what I used.
  10. Congrats!. Looks like a lot of BBag lovers got thier new additions, including myself.
  11. beautiful bag, i love the color of the leather!
  12. Good for you!! And great that you got in on the NM $$$$ off on two!
  13. I just read your post in the shopping section. Congrats on the great deal!! :tup: Your Turq is gorgeous!! :drool: :drool:

    Patience is overrated. :P

  14. Really??? I never put lotion on my bags but I looooove what it did to your city and now im jealous, hehe. Your looks perfectly worn in
  15. ashshopstoomuch Congrats!!! ITS BEAUTIFUL~!! :yahoo::tup:

    I have two questions though..
    Where do you find a 08 Turq Work with RH?? I actually got the city because
    I can not find the work.. if you know where one is.. please let me know..:crybaby:

    Also is this the Clinique lotion you are talking about?? Is it better than the Apple Guard moisturizer?? That's what I am using now..:confused1:

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