Finally, My Toki Pics are up!

  1. Finally, I have my digital camera back and snapped some pics of my bags. Its still small, but slowly growing.I only have a bella and a black dolce left from the original print that I fell in love with. As you can tell, I :heart:ed the Citta and Citta Rose line. My boyfriend and I travel alot and they had these little cars, planes, and metro/urban theme going on which I was crazy for. Then, I fell in love with the Paradiso line. You cant get Paradiso without getting inferno. Plus, my boyfriend thinks the inferno little devil guys are super cute. So my boyfriend and I have matching Inferno Lunas for traveling. :yes: Im still trying to find a Paradiso Boun Viaggo....:sad: Cant seem to find any where I live, but its okay, cuz Im getting ready to purchase some amore! After reading and seeing your forestas on this forum, I really regret not getting any. So my mission is to find some forestas too! This forum is not helping my wallet one bit :push:.

    The first pic is of everything, and the rest is close ups. Hope you guys enjoy!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Swetest2lips: WOW ...i love all your bags!! I have a balck dolce with oriiba print too and i love it. I am thinking of getting Paradiso Zucca too but I already have Paradiso BV. They still have 2 Paradiso BV in Stoneridge, Pleasanton, CA last weekend I went if you stil are looking for 1.
  5. Omg! Are you serious Julicrystal? Thats a Macys right? Do you remember how much it was, I was reading in the other forums how you guys got your crazy cheap tokis! I can charge send right? Im sooo excited now!
  6. swrest2lips: do you use / mix & match the bags when you travel ? I see you have ciao&stellina in both citta & citta rosa, do you use them together, must be cool!
  7. Niceeeeeee collection;)
  8. Oh, those are actually campeggios. I use them as messenger bag carry-ons. yeah, I have to mix and match it because my boyfriend refuses to carry the citta while I carry the citta rose. I guess it is a bit girly :push: I try not to overdo the tokis by carrying them all at once-cuz that would make me look silly.
  9. Swtest2lips: so have you called macys? do they still have any left? How do you like your paradiso Zucca?
  10. Woooow. :nuts: Nice collection. Is citta your favorite print?
  11. Thanks Kawaii, They were my fav when they came out-Now, Im drooling over the amore. Cant wait-Im dying for a zucca amore!
  12. great collection!!! I think that is so fun that you and your BF have lunas ... my DH thinks inferno is WAY cuter than paradiso, and I love my paradiso... too bad I don't think I will ever be able to convince him to actually USE an inferno.. or any toki for that matter!
  13. sweetest- cute collection!! And big too!!
  14. Psssst...that's not a small collection. :smile:
  15. Thanks Tokilover and Frogbubbles, but as you know, "enough is never enough" and I only have a few prints-just many bags in them.:girlsigh: Hazelnut, my boyfriend really likes it. I suprised him with matching bags for me and him and he said "I finally have a designer bag!"