Finally My Tod's Stunning Beauty Arrived!

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  1. I posted in this forum a message some time before asking where I can get a Tod's silver patchwork restyling D-bag and thank you all who provided me with so many advice! Now after my bf's hard efforts, I located this beauty that is a limited edition!:yahoo:Think that I would love to share it with you all my happiness!


  2. What a gorgeous bag! CONGRATULATION!!!
  3. Congrats!! It's beautiful! :yahoo:
  4. Beautiful bag!
  5. Whoa!!! What a head-turner!!!!! :heart:
  6. you've got me :drool: on my computer.
  7. Your bag is beautiful. Congratulations and enjoy your bag!!!:tup:
  8. Your bag is just gorgeous! I am so happy you found it and love it. May I ask where did you locate it???
  9. WOW - gorgy!
  10. oh. my. God.

  11. TDF!!!!:tup:
  12. Beautiful bag--enjoy!!
  13. Wow... wow. Really gorgeous. I seriously love your new Tod's tote.
  14. I hope the Boutique has this in when I go this weekend! I would love to see it IRL!
    The SA told me it was also coming in Black Patent and a Rasberry color and they had a Ivory one in stock that I almost bought ....
  15. I love Tods bags. I think yours is especially lovely!