Finally, My Sloane in Ottone is here!!!! And a MYSTERY...

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  1. Hello fellow tPFers...

    May I introduce my lovely Sloane in Ottone all the way from Manhasset, NY? it's absolutely gorgeous. I took her out for a spin today and I swear my brother caught me sniffing the delicious leather.... hehehehee....

    Please enjoy the piccies! I've included some modelling pix and pictures of my new wallet in ottone, i'm not sure what the style is... Sorry I'm not some fashionista... Now that I've got a break from work, I've been living in shorts and flip flops... no more heels and boring ol' office clothes for a couple of weeks! hee....

    ANYWAY, i got myself into SO MUCH TROUBLE today because I went to the BV at Pacific Place in Hong Kong to get a matching wallet (also shown here) and I couldn't resist another beauty... I've not taken any pics of her yet because I'm in my very embarrassing hamtaro hamster pjs... I'll post pics of her tomorrow... but in the meantime, maybe you ladies can hazard a guess to what it is? heeheee :P yeah, i'm pretty evil huh? muahahhaa....

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  2. Congrats, LOVE Ottone!! You look great with the bag!!


  3. A Veneta??
  4. o ms piggy, i'm in more trouble than that!!!!!
  5. an ottone cabat? ;)
  6. ^ Hmmm - more trouble... a cabat?!?
  7. Oh the ottoneis stunning! If I ever had a chance to get one...
    Does the metallic wear off easily like so many other top brands? I've had Chloe bags and Balenciaga that wore off the metallic finish very easily.
  8. Bookermoose and bertrell, you are too smart for me!!! that didn't take you guys long at all! i guess my mystery isn't that big of a mystery afterall!

    i did get a cabat! in the mini/asian size... i'm not sure what the color is called but it is kind of an oxidized gold? i went in to get a mini-wallet for everyday and the sales girl lured be into taking a look at the mini cabat... and the rest, i guess as people say, is history...
  9. i LOOVE IT. i have had my eye on it for a while. congrats its beautiful i love the wallet also!:tup::tup::tup::tup:
  10. thank you! i really :love: it... i'm banned from shopping right now, it's not even funny...

    i'm not sure... maybe one of the other ladies who've had the ottone from seasons past can comment?
  11. Oh post the picture of your asian barcelona cabat! pretty please :love:
  12. :nuts: congratulations jeshika!! Two beautiful bags in spell-binding colours. AND a wallet! I don't think you'll ever tire of them.
    Yes we need lots of modelling pics pls!
  13. O.M.G. an ottone sloane AND an ottone wallet AND a barcelona mini cabat?:nuts:? You are torturing me here, jeshika LOL!!
    Do enjoy your lovelies, and do post lots of pics so we can drool over!!
  14. God I love your ottone sloane. I really really need to get something in ottone.
  15. Now someone has been picking the most beautiful BV items, jeshika! You have the most incredible selection there! Well, all I can say congrats! (And never mind the t-shirt shorts combination, the thing I like about BV is that it can be totally dressed down)

    When are we gonna see the other pics?