FINALLY! My Silver Lux Bowler....

  1. Not the greatest pic - just be glad I got off my hiney and finally took it at all!:lol: (I am battling a migraine and trying to keep my mind off it.)
    This is only my 2nd Chanel bag and definitely my favorite!!!
  2. Congrats! (the pic didn't load though) but I'm sure its beautiful!
  3. ooops. heres the photo...

    silver bowler.jpg

    did I mention I've got a migraine?
  4. Congrats!! what a great bag. I love it, does it hold alot?
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  5. it do! it do! I'll take a photo of the inside.....gimme a mome....
  6. shoo - what a beauty!! You look gorgeous ;)
  7. heres the inside. I have my small agenda, cosmetiques pouch, pochette wallet, wapity and cell phone. There is no cell phone pocket :sad: but I forgive it - its such a beautiful bag.

    inside silver bowler.jpg
  8. Love it!
  9. I love the silver! Congrats, perfect clubbing bag muhaha
  10. Cool a shaker of a purse. Does hold much more than I thought.

    Hope you feel better. sooner than later. Do you want to trade your migraine for my shingle? (You really don't; it's a rhetorical ?. I'm into the 3rd day of this :sad:
  11. What size is that? Mine has the cell phone pocket and it measures 13 by something and has silver lining.
  12. :nuts: :nuts: How great is that bag?!
  13. congrats!
  14. mine is 13" wide also. beige lining. no cell phone pocket. just a zippered pocket.
  15. p.s. it is from 2005-2006.