Finally! My set is complete for now...

  1. While Jane and I bought our matching Ebano bags (her's Campana, mine Veneta) awhile back, I never got around to taking pictures!

    After going to the SF store on Friday to pick up my pre-paid sale goodies, I thought this weekend would be a perfect time to bring out the camera.

    So here are two in the shadows that is the best color representation, and one a little closer in with the color only a slightly bit off. Forgive me, I have a great camera that I don't know how to use just yet!

    NO more bag/accessory fun for the rest of the year, but it was well worth it!

    Ebano Veneta, Parma coin purse with chain detail, Parma continental wallet:

    P.S. I'm also going to post pictures in the action thread
  2. Beautiful colors! Congrats!
  3. oWWW it's lovely !!!!! Congrat doubtfulguest, i am so drollin over your parma wallet :tispy:
  4. Gorgeous! I love love love the Parma/Ebano marriage!
  5. :nuts:

    I love how bright and cheerful parma is!!! Congrats!
  6. doubtfulguest, your collection is gorgeous and your pics are great. the ebano and parma colours look wonderful together.:tup: congrats.
  7. Gorgeous set, the colors are amazing! Congrats Doubtfulguest. =)
  8. wow, the color combination is stunning!
  9. Wow... I love your bag... May I ask where did you buy the veneta?
  10. love your collection!
  11. congratulations doubtfulguest!!! Your collection is beautiful!! I love all the parma accessories!
  12. lovely trio - the parma wallets are so pretty ! is your veneta a large ?
  13. Thanks, everyone!!!

    I'm so happy with my purchases. The Parma does work quite well with the Ebano.

    Gingerale, the Veneta is a Medium. I tried on the large and it seemed too wide for me.

    Cutiek, I bought everything at the BV store in Union Square, San Francisco. Ask for Roberto!
  14. oh congratulations!! i love it!!
  15. Your collection is gorgeous :heart: I just purchased a large ebano veneta and now I'm questioning whether I should have gotten a medium. Enjoy!