*** Finally my San Francisco LV Reveal ***

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  1. When we walked into the store I had been admiring the Artsy for quite awhile but then things took a turn and I found three other purses that I really liked and it became a dilemma.

    I was planning on attending a TPF get together in a few weeks with some of the Michigan girls here and I wanted to get some shopping ideas.

    We walked out of the store and shopped a few other stores and then my fiance suggested we go back and look at the purses again. So we headed back to LV.

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  2. Once I knew that the Artsy didn't quite fit what I was looking for my eyes wandered over to the Alma MM ~ I was in love with the Vernis Rouge Fauviste.

    I looked to the other side of the room and saw the Melrose Avenue and fell in love. I held it in my hand and looked in the mirror from every angle.

    But it didn't stop here. My eyes wandered over to the Brea GM in the Vernis Rouge and I had to try that one too.

    I stood in front of the mirror with these three purses and finally narrowed it down to two purses.

    It came down to the Melrose Avenue or the Brea GM in the Vernis Rouge.

    It was becoming overwhelming to pick one because I was in love with both of them.

    But when we walked up to the register I had one in hand.
  3. o:huh:O:huh:ooh! Which! I love love love Vernis!
  4. woohoo I am here let's see it!!
  5. woo just in time for the big reveal.. yay
  6. It was a hard decision.......

    but this is my new baby to add to my LV collection :smile:

    I ended up buying the Brea GM ~ I still want the Melrose but at the time I was looking for something just a bit more casual......

    The day I went out with the Michigan TPF girls I bought the LV scarf and just love the way it looks tied to the handle.

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  7. exciting!!!!!!
  8. gorgeous ! congratulations..
  9. Congrats, it's gorgeous!
  10. Pretty bag, congrats!
  11. absolutely beautiful !!!!!
  12. Preeeeetty! Congrats!!
  13. Very pretty, Congrats!
  14. congrats! Enjoy!
  15. Congrats! That's the bag that got me hooked on Vernis:love: Enjoy her she is lovely :biggrin: