Finally!!! My RM Collection is ALMOST Complete!

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  1. Well, I've spent most of '08 streamlining. Only keeping/buying bags that set my heart a flutter in the best colors. I discovered the gorgeousness of Hazelnut too late. I was patiently waiting for it to go on sale at Plazatoo (after all Jade and Dusty were on sale...Hazelnut was sure to follow!) and then POOF! :wtf: it was gone! And not only that, I couldn't find an MAM anywhere!!! But then a lot of forced patience paid off and she arrived today!!

    I must say she is the perfect brown that I've always wanted. Not light, not dark....but deep. And in the cognac family, but not "yellowey". I cannot say enough about this color, it is TDF!!! I am carrying her tomorrow! :yahoo:

    Sorry for the quick pics but BF will be home any minute and he makes fun of me, lol.

    Presenting my Hazelnut MAM!


    And here is my whole collection: Jade and Wine Nikki's. Black Basketweave and Hazelnut MAM's. Sea Green Morning After Clutch.


    All I want is a Night MAC, but those seem more scarce than the Hazelnut! I'm hoping if it's dark enough Purple Lizard will do the trick...we'll see! I'm still not sure about my Wine Nikki. I carried it for two days and then was like meh, I wanna carry my BBW! So she is put back away. I'll have to think on her some more.

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  2. Wow! What a beautiful collection! Love them all. Especially the Sea Green MAC!
  3. AWESOME collection...there's truly nothing BETTER than finding what you REALLY WANT at the RIGHT TIME! it's time to :party: with your NEW BABY!
  4. You have a BEAUTIFUL collection Knaz!! Great variety of colors and neutrals!!
  5. Awesome collection, Knasarae! You have some stunning RM's...and the newest addition is no exception! I keep eyeing that Hazelnut as well...:graucho:
  6. Awesome rainbow!
  7. Congratulations on finally finding your Hazelnut MAM! She's beautiful.
  8. Thanks so much! I'm super excited!!! Now I am done until my Kelly Green Nikki comes at the end of October. Time to start saving!!!
  9. You have such a gorgeous and well rounded collection knasarae! I love the hazelnut and your MAC is beautiful too. Great pics
  10. Congrats! You have a great collection! Love the hazelnut!
  11. knasarae, you really have a great RM collection! All the important styles are represented!
  12. i love your collection, it's TDF!! especially the sea green MAC!
  13. knasarae, I :heart: your collection! It's what I hope mine will turn out one day! Love it!
  14. Wow, gorgeous!
  15. I love your collection! That hazelnut looks so good