1. Thought I would share my engagement ring here! I had it custom made and based on the Ritani Endless Love ring. After months of changing my mind, it turned out better than I could have ever have imagined! It's a 1.5 carat flanders cut center. (Oh, and please ignore my horrible nails! They needed a fill badly!) :smile:

  2. Wow! So pretty and sparkly! Congrats!
  3. how gorgeous!
  4. Beautiful ring! Congratulations!
  5. pretty!!! Congrats!!!
  6. Gorgeous ring!
  7. I love it. It's really gorgeous. I love pave settings.
  8. Nice!!!
  9. beautiful! it's really sparkly. :yes: when's the big day?
  10. Just stunning! Congrats!
  11. Beautiful!!
  12. congrats! it's lovely. :yes:
  13. I love it!! It's gorgeous!!
  14. Beautiful, congrats :nuts:
  15. That stone looks huge! GORGEOUS!