Finally!! My red caviar jumbo w/ pics!!

  1. Hi everyone!! I received my gorgeous red jumbo on Tuesday, but I've basically been living in sweats/been too lazy to post pics haha. :p Thanks to the sweetest pfer, I was able to get this baby (a huge thank you and shout out to her for being so fab)! :smile: I took her out for a little spin tonight, so I busted out my digital haha. I hope you aren't too sick of seeing red jumbo pics... here they come... enjoy! :smile:

    A litttle tease...

    A bigger tease...

    Isn't she pretty!? :heart:

    Why I'm in business, and not modeling haha.

    Another reason for the above! :p
  2. Wow beautiful you lucky ducky!! Great pics, thanks for sharing.
  3. fiery on u...congrats
  4. Wow!! My current lust-have bag!!! She's a beauty!! You wear her well. I like your top btw. It's gorgeous!

    Congrats and thanks for sharing! back to reality for me.
  5. :yahoo: It's stunning on you Minal! I'm so glad you were able to get one. I think our closets are identical! Congrats, isn't she breathtaking?

  6. haha! hilarious picture titles!
    and you are welcome :p

    Looks great on ya!...were you at a disco? :roflmfao:
  7. Beyond gorgeous..........I think that red jumbo might be my next bag!
  8. Thanks Irishgal, dleesy and puteribelibelah!! You're too sweet Jenn, thanks!! Haha, I think they are, that's what happens when both people have good taste hehe. ;) Cisforcoco - a million thanks for helping me out!! :smile: Took the pic in my basement... it's straight up like a disco haha... took forever to hang those streamers my mom wanted! :sweatdrop:
  9. It is so pretty!! Congrats!!
  10. Beautiful! Congrats!
  11. Bag looks great on you!
  12. stunning ! congrats :smile:
  13. Thanks Michele, sammiekat, blew415 and kaka! :smile:
  15. Beautiful color.. makes me wanna go out there and get it too..but my pockets can't afford it right now.. :p