Finally, my pre-increase items

  1. After debating and debating on which mommy/ work/ everyday bag to get, I decided on the hamstead mm. I had tried it on in the store once and fell instantly in love with it but didn't get it. Once I heard that the prices were going up, I jumped on it. Then I came back to the forum and visited the "violette" club and back to elux, I went. So, please welcome Ms. Hamstead MM and Ms. Violette Zippy................ :smile:

    My pomme agenda wanted to get in the pic too since she looks so cute beside her new mommy.........
    hamandzip.JPG hamvernis.JPG
  2. love the hampstead!!! congrats!!!
  3. nice, congrats!
  4. great choice, congrats!
  5. I lvoe the Hampstead! Congrats and enjoy your new purchases!
  6. Great Choices! Congrats and Enjoy your new purchases.
  7. hampstead + violette are very beautiful together! enjoy.
  8. The Hampstead is soooo pretty!! Congrats!
  9. Congrats enjoy your pretty new things
  10. they're all gorgeous.. especially the violette zippy!! :smile:
  11. Yay!! You bought gorgeous LV items before the price hike!! Congratulations!
  12. Love your new pieces ! The pomme agenda goes perfectly with the damier !
  13. lucky ya with great purchase,,:heart::tup:
  14. Love them all, but especially zippy wallet - so gorgeous. Congratulations!
  15. Love them all!