pink zc just arrived!!!

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  1. i just got it like 2 minutes ago. i have to go and get my clothes out of the dryer and then i'll be back to post pics.
  2. she definately looks more purple than pink to me :tdown:

  3. It is lovely! What a pretty color~ Congrats!
  4. so cute ~
  5. I agree it does look more purple, but it's still really pretty. Congrats!
  6. thanks everyone. i haven't decided if i'm going to keep her or not yet. the color is pretty, its just that i was expecting pink. i :heart: PINK! do any of you know if any other pink zc's will be out soon?
  7. she looked a lot more pink on elux.
  8. wow it is a lot more pink on elux. are you sure its the same one? it def is more purple but it is still absolutely gorgeous.
  9. I really like the colour of the one you have, its so pretty - very girly, but more sophisticated that pink pink!
  10. Very pretty!!! Though I do admit that it's really different from the picture on Eluxury. Weird because the pink bags and zc that I saw at the MJ store in SF looks more like the Elux photo than yours...hmm...

    Nevertheless, I still love that's gorgeous. I have a weak spot for pink/purple stuff...:love::love: Congrats!!!
  11. I agree with Glynis. I like the color you have. Very sophisticated and still feminine. It's a beauty! Enjoy!
  12. WOW!! -Gorgeous!:drool:
  13. maybe elux sent you a lavender zc by mistake? either way, it looks great with your damier LV! :biggrin: are you going to keep her?
  14. i came back to this thread to gawk! this makes me really want a zip clutch. i didnt know if had credit card compartments. how handy!
  15. It's very pretty! Congrats!