Finally my Pics of my Pochette Chain!

  1. I haven't received my Mono Pochette yet so I am only showing it on my two MC pochettes. I really love this strap. As you can see from the first pic it is just slighly longer then the leather one.


  2. Nice :smile:
  3. Is the chain available seperately at the LV shop or is it part of another bag you own? It looks great !!
  4. It is the replacement chain for the Acordian Wallet, someone here posted earlier that she got the idea to use hers so some of us went out and bought them. It was $30 at my LV.
  5. I think it looks great! Really adds a 'dressier' element to the pochette!
  6. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  7. hmm. I want one now!
  8. I think it makes the pochette look prettier!
  9. ^^^ I paid $40 + tax for mine.

    I love it!
  10. $30 + tax for me. The price for the Accordeon chain seems to be all over the place....another tPFer got hers for $19.95 I think....
  11. Do you get the chain from LV or from somewhere else? It's really adorable!! Love the look of it. I'm really interested now since I just got a MC pochette.
  12. I love the idea of it. It looks great.
  13. That looks really cool.
  14. Aww.. it's so cute. And none of the SAs in the Toronto stores want to sell it to me !!! Argh !
  15. Very nice :smile: