FINALLY!!!!! My *PICS* of my Medium Heritage Tote!!

  1. Hello fellow Coachies!!!!

    I hope you all had a great Holiday Season, I know I did! I'm finally back home now, and I took some time to post some pics of my DREAM bag, the Pink Heritage Tote in Medium #11350

    I took all kinds of pics for reference for anyone thinking of purchasing the bag....I would HIGHLY recommend this bag. It is AWESOME and really light. And PINK! And I think the Medium is plenty large as long as you are just using the bag as a purse.

    Without further delay.....

    Here she is!!!!!!!!
    Picture 589.jpg Picture 594.jpg Picture 586.jpg Picture 587.jpg Picture 588.jpg
  2. Congrats!
  3. cute! Thanks for sharing. :tup: I know there was a whole thread waiting for your bag a few days ago!!! :p
  4. And more pics.......
    Picture 587.jpg Picture 590.jpg Picture 591.jpg Picture 593.jpg Picture 592.jpg
  5. AWESOME! lol i was wondering where you were! ha ha ha i figured they put you in the hospital from shock!
    i'm glad you love her......
    what does the coated canvas feel like? is it still soft? or stiff?
  6. LA: We've been waiting for you!!!!! She is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! I am sooooooooooo happy you have found your dream bag!!! CONGRATS!!!!!
  7. Very Pretty in Pink!
  8. That is such a pretty pink!!! Congrtas on getting your dream bag!!!! Enjoy!! :woohoo:
  9. I love this bag! It looks great on you! I ordered the medium as well in pink. Mine will be here on Thursday. Guess I will have to drool over yours until mine gets here.:drool:
  10. And more!!!!

    If anyone needs anymore pics or anything for reference, just let me know! Again, this is an awesome bag!!!!:yahoo:

    Picture 595.jpg Picture 597.jpg Picture 598.jpg Picture 599.jpg Picture 596.jpg
  11. SO CUTE!!! Love the pinky goodness of it all! Congrats!!
  12. Gorgeous bag and looks awesome on you! Congrats on your fun new purchase!!
  13. The pink is SOOO pretty!! Congrats!!!
  14. That bag is gorgeous! Congrats!!
  15. You know what, it feels pretty soft, and flexible...if that makes sense. Honestly, except for the middle light pink stripe, you can't tell the bag is coated canvas until you put in into the light. I LOVE it!