Finally, my onatah leather is here!!!

  1. My SA called yesterday, and after a long wait, I don't want to wait anymore until weekend. SO I skipped lunch and went to LV to collect my onatah gm in aubergine :yahoo:. It's beautiful and the leather is so soft, it's tdf. I'm glad I chose this over cerises speedy :yes:.
    Will post pics when i get home. Meanwhile, my poor baby has to suffer a while in my locker :crybaby:. Now, back to work.
  2. Ooh Congrats to your new purchase!! Post pics when you get a chance!!!
  3. Yay. Where are the pics?
  4. :nuts: Congrats!!!Can't wait to see your baby:graucho:
  5. Congrats .. can't wait to see photos. MINE still is NOT here:crybaby:
  6. :yahoo: can't wait to see your new bag....... in person :graucho: ..... and MissL's Epi Passy too :yes:

    (hahahaha...this :graucho: makes me seem like a stalkerous dirty old man... maybe i AM! :P )
  7. Woo hoo Dee, major congrats on your new baby :yahoo: . Can't wait to see pics

    I thought we (all 3 of us) were going to meet up when the bag was ready :lol: .
  8. Haha, you creepcake...I'm just joking :P
  9. :yahoo: congrats for your new bagy!
    You did really great choice :nuts:
    I also cant wait to see your pics :hysteric:
  10. creepcake huh???.... i'll make you rub some tiger balm on my rheumatic foot for that. :mad:

  11. :nuts: Wow, that last statement can totally be taken out of context! :lol:

    After working with a bunch of dirty-minded, hormonal teens all day, I'm afraid their puerile behavior is catching!

  12. i must be slow or a generation too old, but i just had to read my post again and again.... then i finally got it.... :wtf:

  13. Lol Snorks, you have such a dirty mind :roflmfao:
  14. just came back from dinner. and here's the pics of my new baby. i feel so bad for letting her suffer in my locker. but she's free now :yes: and ready to roam the city tomorrow :graucho:
    26092006044.jpg 26092006043.jpg 26092006042.jpg
  15. i know we supposed to meet up, but i can't wait until weekend. so skipped lunch and run to LV then back to work :yes: