FINALLY!!!! My new Violet is here!!!

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  1. Just arrived today!!! Just a few minutes ago....
  2. :yahoo:
  3. Oooh can't wait to see it!!:biggrin:
  4. congrats!!!
  5. Ohhhh glad I have someone here for the big reveal!!! ;)
  6. :nuts:
  7. Isn't she beautiful!!!
  8. :biggrin: such a delicious purple!!!!
    Bal_4.JPG Bal_5.JPG Bal_6.JPG
  9. Love that color!!!
  10. I got her from Real Deal Collection--working with Corey was fantastic! She is so nice!

    I guess I should have said "new to me" but then, I guess being a Violet, everyone already knows!

    The leather is so thick and saturated!
  11. congrats! such a gorgeous rich color...and your nails match!
  12. amazing! congrats!
  13. Thank you The Lioness!!! I researched for months (while saving for months!! haha)!
  14. This is so cute!
  15. And this is beautiful!