Finally!! My "New to Me" Turnlock Bowler Pics!!!

  1. [​IMG]


    and while I'm at it, pics of my MbMJ lovely zip wallet in rose!

  2. So cute!! Congrats!! I love your zip wallet!! Congrats!! :yahoo:
  3. so cute! i love the wallet.
  4. Very cute! Oh and I love the wallet.
  5. Thanks everyone for the lovely compliments. :heart: These are pretty crappy (excuse my language)pics of the bowler, I noticed. It's much nicer IRL. I'm truly in love with this bag. I love the smaller size and how I can easily grab anything I need from it, as opposed to digging and digging in larger bags. I definitely think I'm a medium sized bag girl now.
  6. The leather looks so soft and supple. CONGRATS!!:yahoo:And the wallet is also gorgeous!!!
  7. YAY!! I am so happy you posted pictures!! It is beautiful!! and I love the wallet too! CONGRATS!:happydance:
  8. that makes a great black bag. i like how the pink wallet stands out! :tup:
  9. It's super nice. Also, love your wallet...looks great in pink.
  10. ^^ yeah the wallet does look sort of bubblegummy with the flash but it's def more on the red side.
  11. CUTE!! I love that splash of pink in the black bowler! :yes:
  12. oh I think I need that wallet. Love your bag, enjoy!
  13. Lovely bag and adorable wallet--congrats!!
  14. The Turnlock Bowler is one of my favorite MbMJ bags! :yes: The wallet is such a gorgeous color as well. It really gives a pop of color inside the bowler. Congrats Frances Bean!
  15. Gorgeous! Love the slight slouch and the smooshy-looking leather! Well done! :flowers: