Finally: My new Prada duffle is HERE!

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  1. After 3 weeks ( :cursing: Canadian shipping), I finally got it! No Antic Cervo satchel or Gauffre tote, but I still LOVE the color- I hadn't seen it before until I saw a pic of Jill's bag in the same color. And the weirdest part: there was a business card inside belonging to "The Lord Browne of Madingley, CEO of bp" :nuts: . So either this was owned by a member of the British aristocracy, the seller had it as a personal joke when he owned it, or maybe is trying to pull a fast one on me. Any way, it's at least amusing. (btw, because I am that pathetic, I googled this guy! :shame: here's his wikipedia page John Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

    The color is hard to photograph (with flash it looks much lighter than in actuality) but it's a dark gold/ brown color. In the last pic it's keeping my new Prada Sport Reporter company.:love:
    New Prada's 003.jpg New Prada's 009.jpg New Prada's 015.jpg new prada's 017 (2).jpg new prada's 013 (2).jpg
  2. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice! covet!
  3. Gorgeous duffle...Congrats!:happydance:
  4. Congrats!!! I always travel with my Prada duffel bag! Its the best!!
  5. Congrats ValleyOppressed! :flowers: I wonder if that card was real..
  6. Very very useful! And I like that colour too.
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