FINALLY!!! My "new" Lizard Sac Fermoir ...

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  1. is HERE!!!:yahoo:After THREE agonizing weeks in transit and CUSTOMS :cursing:, I finally have it in my hands!!! Just in time for the Holidays!!! My last LV for a LONG time!!! I mean it!!! I was going to do another farewell thread but didn't want to sound like Cher!:lol:


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  2. wow..congrats, it's :drool: :love: :girlsigh:
  3. :wtf: OMG Irene. CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: Modelling pic pleaseeeee:love:
  4. Youzia!! that is awesome...:nuts::nuts: Congrats Irene...:flowers:
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Oh wow, that is stunning!
  7. You're gonna have a lot of JEALOUS women rolling their eyes at you, so watch out! :lol:

    Your bag is TDF!!! :yahoo: Congrats! :yahoo:
  8. Congrats it is a stunning bag :yahoo:
  9. my sister would be soooo jealous if she saw this! she wanted that bag so bad when it came out, but it was (and still is) well out of our price ranges! congrats!
  10. Really gorgeous!!

    Congrats!!!! :love:
  11. its gorgeous :girlsigh: it's gonna look SO HOT to wear that with a black outfit and red shoes
  12. so pretty :drool:
  13. Very nice!
  14. Wow, that is the best Cerise style ever! Congrats!
  15. wow! absolutely hot!!! matching ur denim one!