Finally my New Flat Messenger is here !!!

  1. and...​
    I love it:supacool: !!!

    et vous :nuts: ???
    Any thoughts ???

    Flat Messenger Black SS07 1.jpg Flat Messenger Black SS07 2.jpg
  2. LOVE IT!!!

    How funny, you got your black messenger today and I got my new black STOVE today!!! :p
  3. I love it, FP! Looks great on you too. I don't know how I've managed to not buy this!

    Congrats! :yahoo:
  4. I love it! - it looks great on you - it's hangs really nicely, it hits you just right
    is it black or anthracite?
  5. Fromparis!! It looks great on you! Enjoy it!:yahoo:
  6. Love it!! :tup:

    I've been using my Sandstone messenger non stop. I've actually had to force myself to put it away to give my other bags a fair chance :nuts:

    I love this style!!!!
  7. Thank you Glimmer : I don't know...but maybe you won't resist for long now ;)

    Alisonanna : Thank you for your nice words :yes: and It's Black !!

    Roo:heart: : I knew you would love it ! and... what is a STOVE ????
  8. :dothewave:Congrats paris!!!!!!!!!!:dothewave: You rock that bag!!!:heart: Love the messenger!!! It's so nice the be hands free!!!!!
  9. Ohhhh!!!! I love it.
  10. The bag looks great on you. Congrats.
  11. GORGEOUS! I am really starting to think I want one of these styles!
  12. Your Black Flat Messenger has some gorgeous leather, and she really suits you well! You've gotta love hands-free bags...

    Congratulations, paris!!!
  13. fromparis _ congrats!!
    motorcycle style + messenger + black looks just great on you!
  14. Congrats!!!!! It looks great on you and I bet it is a nice change to go hands-free with a bbag!!!
  15. Looks great on you!!!