Finally My New Coffer!!! *lots Of Pics*

  1. Some of you know how long I've waited for the new one to arrive (the old one was switched for a LV Darsou), and since my last coffer ownership was rather brief - here are the new pics!!!
    Had to add the initial reaction, lol:roflmfao: Knowing me, my SO was ready with the camera..

    AND - Something happened, so I didn't have to pay taxes!??! They saved me more than $200!! I am SO HAPPY!!

    What do you girls think? The leather is sooooo soft, and it's just LOVE. My SO's taking me and my bag out to dinner now!!:yahoo:

    Some days are just...!!!!:graucho:
    FirstReaction.JPG showoff.JPG Back.JPG messenger.JPG bagside.JPG
  2. Wat a lovely smooshy bag. You look thrilled lol.

    I'm so happy for you. Congrats
  3. Love the shot of it on yer butt!:roflmfao:

    Very nice! I'm starting to want a Coffer, but in smooth leather. I'm not safe with suede! :tender:
  4. OMG...first of all grats :yahoo: and wow...I would never forget your face when u took out the bag out of the dust bag.....priceless!! :graucho: U will enjoy your coffer ... it's a beautiful bag.
  5. Lovely!!! Congrats....It looks great on you!!!
  6. So happy for you - you are adorable!
  7. Congrats on you new bag!:yes:
    I have the exact same one, it´s truly lovely! I never get tired of it!:heart:
  8. I love that first picture.

    How heavy is the bag?
  9. I don't think it's all that heavy.. mine is full now, and it's about 2,5 kg:smile: But I carry ALOT in my bag!!
  10. Big Congrats!!:drinkup: I'm rather new to the forum and have been following the coffer threads and fell in love with it! There is none available in Australia so I got mum to get one for me from Hong Kong! Your one is absolulely gorgeous!! I got the black napa leather instead only because I'm careless and the napa is easier for me to look after!!

    So happy for you - enjoy!! :party:
  11. The Coffer is such a beautiful bag! And it looks perfect on you. Congratulations! I bought one last year and it looked awful on me; it was sad to return it, but I love seeing it on others. The brown suede is my favorite.
  12. LOL! LOVE that first pic!!TOO CUTE!
    Congrats..its TDF!!!!
  13. Cute! Congrats!
  14. The leather looks SO soft! It's a beautiful bag, CONGRATS!!!

    I love the first picture--it so perfectly captures the joy of a new bag!
  15. WOW :nuts: !!! CONGRATS !!! Beautiful bag and it looks great on you :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Enjoy ! :drinkup: